1 TAKE STH SOMEWHERE (I) to take goods, letters etc to the place where they have been sent: Do you deliver on Saturdays? | deliver sth to: Could you deliver this letter to the accounts department? | have sth delivered: I'm having some flowers delivered for her birthday.
2 deliver a speech/lecture/talk etc to make a speech etc to a lot of people: The President, as was customary, delivered the opening address..
3 DO STH YOU SHOULD DO (I, T) to do or provide the things you are expected to, because you are responsible for them or they are part of your job: Local councils are responsible for delivering most basic services. | deliver the goods (=do or provide what you are expected to): They made all kinds of promises before the election, but have since failed to deliver the goods. | deliver on a promise AmE (=do what you promised to do)
4 BABY (T) to help a woman give birth to a baby: Traditionally, local midwives would deliver all the babies in the area. | deliver sb of formal: On May 14th, she was safely delivered of a daughter.
5 deliver a blow/shock etc to to hit someone, give them a shock etc: He delivered a wild, desperate blow to Derek's jaw.
6 deliver a verdict/judgment/ruling etc to officially state a formal decision or judgment
7 PERSON (transitive always + adv/prep) to put someone into someone else's control: deliver sb to: Sharett had betrayed him and delivered him to the enemy.
8 VOTES (T) especially AmE to get the votes or support of a particular group of people in an election: We're counting on you to deliver the blue collar vote.
9 MAKE SB FREE OF (T) literary or Biblical to help someone escape from something bad or evil: deliver sb from: Deliver us from temptation.
— deliverer noun (C) deliver sth up phrasal verb (transitive often passive) formal to give something to someone else (+ to): All documents must be delivered up to the trustee.

Longman dictionary of contemporary English. 2004.

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